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3PGC Webinar with John El Mokadem

“An opportunity to see more”
We all have blindspots where we don’t see The Principles so clearly at work. Perhaps yours is around health, or maybe business, parenting, relationships or money? Perhaps it’s something else? In this 3PGC webinar, there’s an opportunity for you to explore your own blindspots in this open coaching session with John El-Mokadem.”

John El-Mokadem is a Certified Master Transformative Coach based just outside of London, UK. His speciality is in creating breakthroughs with his clients by helping them to see a deeper understanding of The Three Principles in areas they may be feeling challenged by. He is part of the teaching faculty of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy and has recently completed a 16 week piece of research studying the effects of sharing The Three Principles Understanding with sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, with some truly humbling results. He is honored to be asked to speak with The Three Principles Global Community once again this year. You can learn more about John at: http://breakthroughthat.com/

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